>Stephen Inks

Stephen Inks

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

Stephen has lived in Northern Virginia all his life. He was a professional musician for 15 years and then worked for a DC Nonprofit for the last 10 years – in a cube like a caged animal. Both careers offered absolutely zero exercise. He looked around one day and noticed that a lot of people his age were very out of shape with negative mindsets. Then, he looked in the mirror and was startled to realize he was too.

He decided he didn't want to live like that anymore. He started working out slowly and doing a yoga DVD. A very in-shape and positive friend asked if he would like to try Bikram yoga. He didn't recall hearing that it was hot yoga, so he showed up with only one tiny bottle of water!

Dehydration notwithstanding, he was hooked instantly. He did 5 classes in his first week! His outlook changed, his body changed, and his life changed. He graduated Teacher Training in Los Angeles in the spring of 2011. He loves teaching and being positive in all aspects of his life. But, be warned, if you get him started talking about yoga, it's hard to shut him up!