Sarah Machacek

Sarah Machacek


Life is a journey not a destination"-Ralph Waldo Emerson I came to my first Bikram class at the Falls church studio taught by Tandy in 2007. I was not clear on how to prepare. I showed up in sweats and completely dehydrated. I was miserable. I never wanted to come back to this "Hot Box". Then, I kept coming back more consistently. After 11 years, I now practice every day like I brush my teeth.

It's a lifestyle.

For 12 years I ran marathons, participated in several long distance cycling events and competed in figure competitions for 5 years. I stepped into Bikram during my figure competition training. I said to myself, "I am strong. No problem. I got this."
I was wrong.
It took me being consistent with my practice just to master the heat, stay in the room, control my breath, and not have a panic attack.

I suffered from depression since age 11. I started exercising at 14. From that age, all I knew was exercise made me feel happy. After I was not able to run anymore, Bikram Yoga saved my soul and my spirit. I am still learning new things from my amazing teachers and our loving community I call my Hot Yoga Tysons Family. Thank you for being the loving souls you are, for being my teachers and my family. Coming to the studio is my sacred home, my home away from home.

In September 2017 I went to Pyro Pilates training in West Palm Beach. I fell in love instantly with this format. I have been teaching group fitness for over 25 years. I have always loved the excitement and energy of group fitness. To me the reward is helping others in their path to feel happier and healthier:)

I have been a certified personal trainer for over 25 years. I currently hold certifications in corrective exercise, Pre and post natal, nutrition, and currently working on my Health and Wellness Coaching Certification.

When I am not Personal Training, I help Manage our studio.
I want to thank Insel for always giving me, giving us a sacred place to come to and find peace.