Rana Karjawally

Rana Karjawally

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

After graduating from American University, Rana entered the glamorous world of fashion as a buyer and fashion merchandiser for high-end Washington, D.C. retailers in their European designer and haute couture departments. In addition to attending the haute couture shows in Paris, Milan, and New York, she has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East.

In her spare time, Rana put her artistic skills to use in volunteering. She was invited to design an advertising campaign for Children’s Hospital. She also organized gallery events that paid tribute to Spanish artists, and which were attended by such distinguished guests as Queen Sophia of Spain and Queen Noor of Jordan.

After many successful years in the fashion world, Rana entered the field of performing arts. As a highly regarded Argentine tango dancer, she performed at the Lisner Auditorium for the opening ceremony of The Washington Film Festival, The Museum of Women in the Arts for a “Gala Tango Night”, as well as the Argentine Embassy and Residence for official receptions. Needless to say, her most demanding performances occurred at sea when she performed every evening on the Norwegian Sun—while Hurricane Wilma rocked the ship.

A chance meeting in Paris with the Reston Bikram studio owner introduced Rana to Bikram yoga. Upon her return to Washington, Rana took her first class at Reston, and stepped into the realm of yoga. As a Bikram instructor, her goal is to help students challenge themselves and take them one step beyond the ordinary, because our potential is infinite.